CrazyBump -- check it out

If you haven’t already seen it on blendernation, go there or follow thislink… this crazybump program is amazing.

What do you think??

wow, this looks awesome, gota try it out

no linux, cannot try it:(

Quite genious! :slight_smile:

Clever site!

That is great! I love it :smiley:

I love you.

I wish I could download it, but it’s too big for my 3kb/s dial up connection. I’ll burn it to a CD as soon as I can.

I’m surprised more of you people didn’t see this already… it’s on! But glad to spread the word anyway…

I’m assuming it won’t be free after beta?:frowning:

I’m assuming it won’t be free after beta?:frowning:
This is taken from the license:

You are permitted to use this software until the twelfth day of October in the year two thousand and seven. After that date, you will have no permission to use this software.
So it looks like that is so…

That’s unfortunate. Hope it’s not ten thousand dollars:evilgrin:. What would a program like this usually go for??

So, it’s not Open Source (or even Freeware), It’s Windows-only and you can only use it the next 2 weeks? GREAT No need to file this under “Other Sooftware” !! This is clearly front page material!
… sorry about that

I in part agree with these sentiments, I feel these days just merely not being multiplatform is enough to write a piece of software off. We can’t be chained to Windows forever.


I am looking forward to first examples in Blender :slight_smile:

Just very fast and dirt Blender test (example images used (Col, FAO, Nor, Disp)). No raytracing. Only simple subdivided plane:

waahhh lotz of response for this in a short span of time… i heard the usage of crazy bump by gaming companies…Great stuff

Okay then, i dont love you so much if its not going to be free for that long, but i know some people, who might be able to sort something out.

So yeah, it is cool but since it is not free anymore (or at least, won’t be for a long time), I don’t really feel like checking it out. I have a Normal Map generator (free), I don’t use Displacement Maps and have never needed Occlusion Maps…does this program offer anything else?

You can sit on your open-source, multi-platform high horses all you like, but this is an excellent piece of software and I will most definitely use it.

It’s just simply too good for some puny humans.

At least, until it comes out of beta :wink:


PS: Nvidia also has a normal map from image plugin for photoshop: