Crazychristina's vector stuff

I’ve just started teaching myself illustration recently. I’m particularly interested in learning vector illustration and I’m working in Adobe Illustrator and Flash. At the moment I’m mostly copying stuff from books and video tutorials, but hope to develop my own characters and style eventually. Here’s a first installment.

ETA: My main references are the cartooning books of Christopher Hart and video tutorials from CartoonSmart.
EETA: Hoping to effect a username change soon.

Looks ok.Keep going!

very nice, what software did you use?

I did this with Adobe Illustrator, following an example from one of Chris Hart’s cartooning books (I’ve modified it a bit).

OK, so here’s a couple more. This style is pretty easy to do.
I spent most of today working through a VT from CartoonSmart to produce this character. The instructor was using Flash which I have an older version of (Flash 8) which was fine for this exercise. The tutorial is a freebie, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn drawing in Flash or vector drawing in general. I didn’t quite finish all the details but this is enough for the moment.

Old man looks cool! But better try pen and paper util you get the fundamentals.

What do you consider to be the fundamentals? I’m not aiming for anatomically correct characters here.

Hello CrazyChristina,
I use Flash for character animation, and I like your artwork! In fact, even though cs4 is out, I still use Flash 8 too! :wink: I recognize the cartoonsmart influence. Do you have any plans on animating your vector creations?

My main interest is in still images, but I do intend to do some animation in future, both in Flash and in Blender. At the moment I’m concentrating on learning to draw (and later to design) characters and environments.

Sarch on Andrew Loomis - Fun with a pencil you will love it and understand the concept of “fundamentals” in art.

The most fundamental thing I need to learn is how to be a bit more creative. Technique definitely is important, but without keeping the creative fire burning I’ll probably just give up. I like cartooning because it provides an easy way to be creative without requiring great technical skills.

I had a look at the Loomis books - they do look good. I have a couple of similar references already. I’ll study that stuff one day, at the moment I’m just having fun.

Hey averil/crazychristina,

you might wanna look into how to draw new retro style characters, . Haven’t really read it thoroughly yet, but it has some cool examples in it, and you might like :slight_smile:

The old guy looks nice indeed :slight_smile:

I wish you all the luck in learning vector art


Thanks - I do actually have that book and it’s one of the ones I’ve been reading closely. All his books are good but I do love that retro style.

Oh yeah, just saw that was the author you mentioned, must be because I’m not fully awake yet :slight_smile:


I like the boldness of the black and whites!

I agree that just having fun is a great way to get better…

A friend of mine draws a daily strip (well, drew actually, he’s just stopped after 3-ish years) and what’s good is that whilst the drawing is simple the message and communication and personality are enhanced…

here’s his first:

don’t know if you’ll like the humour, but the content that narrative can bring- even in a limiting daily short format really works with these simple styles…

Scott McClouds amazing book “understanding comic books” explains far better than I could why simplicity and reduction make characters easier to relate too if you’re interested…

but whatever,

keep 'em coming!

Thanks Mike. I checked out that comic strip - great stuff. I totally agree that narrative is a great starting point. Meanwhile, another retro character.

:slight_smile: Nice. I still like the old man.

This one’s straight out of one of Chris Hart’s books (Cartooning for the Beginner). Not so retro. My challenge is to do it with vectors, which is a very different way of creating an image than using brush/pencil or the digital equivalent in a raster program.

5*'s for this one! I think it looks so cool - it’s just professional!

My son and his wife are rewriting booklets for their Spanish language school, and I’m doing some illustration for them. This is a sample - meant to illustrate the term ordenar to order. It’s got a couple of faults that I’ll probably fix although the images will all be at fairly small size. I’m going for the new retro look.