Crease in shoulder using rigify

Hi all, I need some help with the deformation of my model. I generated a rig using the rigify tool and noticed a crease in the shoulders. The topology of the shoulder might not be on point, especially because the sweater is part of the base model (not a separate model/layer). Is there any way to fix this?

I’ve tried changing the weights DEF-shoulder.L and DEF.upper_arm.L, but this only makes things worse. Should I add a bone to keep de mesh in place, or maybe add another weight?

Here’s what the shoulder looks like:

This is what the shoulder looks like in rest position:

Going to be tough with that topology. I would try using a shape key with a driver on an extra bone for the up position on the arm. Maybe that would help smooth it out.

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Thank you! I’m definitely gonna try that :smiley:

I don’t see the problem. There is a crease in the default pose so why is it a problem in the posed model?

I used a shape key driven by the rotation of the upper arm bone, and it works perfectly. Thanks for helping me out! :grin:

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Thank you for replying!

I was referring to this little ‘V’ shape in the shoulder that needed to be smoothed out:

Now the shoulder doesn’t collapse when the arm is rotated upwards :slight_smile:

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