Crease subsurf and Set Smoth

I have a problem creasing a subsurfed model:
I have a plane, sudivided it two times and removed some inner faces to get a whole/window inside. Then I extruded it a littlebit to get a kind of wall and added a subsurf modifier (level 2).
The vertices of the whole/window I selected and creased it by value 1 see Pic1.jpg.
The creased edges look fine now.
Now my problem, if I press the ‘Set Smooth’ button under ‘Link and Materials’ panel the sharp edges no more appear sharp. And after rendering I get ugly artefacts, see Pic2.jpg.
It seems they are still rounded/smoothed a littlebit. I assume it depends on the normals of the vertices of the window. They are not perpendicular to the plane (anymore). (Recalculating the normals does not influence anything)
So how do I correct this problem to get real sharp/creased edges also on smoothed objects?

Thanks for any help!


Activate the “Auto Smooth” button (and recalculate the Normals [Ctrl][N] just to get sure). Creased edges mess up smooth meshes a lot (dunno if there is a better way of preventing this though)


I think you might want to turn on autoSmooth, in the edit buttons.
Darnit, beat me too it!

using AutoSmooth helped, but one need to know that AutoSmooth only works if ‘Set Smooth’ is already activated, and I did’nt know that, but found out by try and error.
So 1st one has to activate ‘Set Smooth’ and additionally activate the ‘Auto Smooth’ button, then it works.
But for me it seems to be not the perfect solution. I prefer to have a way to adjust the normals to modify each edge/vertex individually.
But I only find the possibility to ‘Recalculate inside’ and / or ‘Recalculate outside’ and ‘Flip’ for Normals.
Is there a way to modify the angle of the normals manually, or set it to a certain angle?

No, I fear not. You can manually flip single facenormals by selecting the face and click “Flip Normals” in the Mesh tools tab but that’s it.

But I’d be interested to know if there would be a possibility to implement something like that as well. There are certain cases, when working with complex meshes, in which I would like to adjust the normals (their angle) manually, since they are pretty often messed up. As I have said, though, I don’t know of a way to accomplish that.