Crease vs Edge loops?

I know its the kind of question that being asked a lot. and its seems the majority is in favor. of using edge loops when subsurfing a mesh.

because: -crease creates unrealistic edges. -edge loops are allowing more control on the shape of the edge. -crease can create shading issues when object being deformed. -creases can not be exported

so here is my question: I’m learning how to do Hard surface modeling. my model are not suppose to be deformed ( tough they are intended to be exploded later

up until today my favorite workflow in those situations. is to -add sub surf modifier, -use the crease to keep the sharp edges were i want to. -add bevel modifier below the subsurf modifier in order to bevel those edges.

can i expect any issues of shading with this method? and if so what kind of issues should i expect?

I often get broken uvs at corners with the bevel modifier, requiring me to spend sometimes hours fixing uvs after collapsing the bevels.

Hand placing the edge loops should be a thing of the past but in Blender I’m not sure if it’s the best thing to do still? There’s nothing like the quad chamfer modifier in Max, right?