Creasing edge with “Subdivision surface” -question/problem

Hi gusy,

I’m stuck. I’m trying to model a car. And on blue print, light area is sharp.

So I modeled, nice round edge near this place, and I want to make it sharp, like on blue print. So I added a edge crease and it won’t work, and I don’t know why. Probably I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

When I’m adding another loop cut and space some verts, everything looks awful with sharp edges.

Here is my blend file.
Car_Audi.blend (859.0 KB)


Hi , i think when car modelling , best way to add sharp edges is to use proximity loop cuts. It’s normal when you get those pinching effects when using edge crease, to avoid that , use proximity loopcuts as i said. :slight_smile:

At this stage it would be better, if you didn’t make the corners sharp. You should finish that light area before adding any loop cuts.

Thanks Blendereruser. But when I’m adding a lot of loop cuts i starts looking weired :frowning:

Maybe you know why edge crease wont work?

Can you check if the normals are inverted? The subsurf does weird things in the normals are pointing in the wrong direction…

Edit: now I think I see the problem: you need to crease this edges. The reason is that there is no faces inside that. But if you add geometry (faces) creasing the edges like in your image should work ok

Hi Arturooo, car modelling is very complex, you should follow some tutorials online. This way you’ll learn the best hard surface modelling techniques.
this guy makes car modelling tuts, check his channel if you haven’t already, He is currently making an Audi as well. :slight_smile:

Thx Poligonete, this is the answear :slight_smile:

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Thanks Blendereruser, I’ll definitely check this!