Creat a vertaix within a edge?

make o----------o

in to this o-----o----o

thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Select the edge (or the verts on each end) and hit subdivide.

  2. Select the edge and use knife cut (shft-k if I remember correctly) then either “mid point” or “exact” depending on which you want. If you want the vert to be in a very specific place, select exact, then click one time “above” where you want the vert, then extend the line over the selected edge in the place where you want the vert, click again, then hit enter. If you want several verts along the line, you can keep extending the knife cut line with more clicks, then hit enter when you’re done. Every place where the knife cut line intersects the selected edge, there should be a vert.

I think those are the only 2 ways.


(If you need more help with the knife cut, let me know and I can diagram it with screenshots.)

oh ya subdived, i forgot…

thank you

to make this : 0-----------------0 into this: [edit]0--------0----------0[/edit] you could select the edge and hit “w”-key once and you’ll get this: 0------0----------0 :slight_smile: