create 1,2 and 3 point perspectives?

hey guys

i am looking for a way to create perspective grids ( basicly boxes with perspective lines, or 1,2 and 3 point-perspectives) to draw skyscrapers and houses etc. in perspective with a pencil.

the os i use is linuxmint.

thanks and greetings zenbo^0^0

Gee… pretty expensive stuff i would say… Just imagine blender units as meters, use some planes, subdivide them, slide around, show as wire, add text where appropriate, set and point camera and print…More on printing here

Happy blending!

thanks for your answer, i didnt get what you where saying, im a total newb to this program, and my english isnt so great.



Terribly sorry 'bout that… i assumed you have some knowledge about Blender.
Then see some beginners tutorials on basics. There shouldn’t be big problems since for your drawings you need just a basics.
And frankly, english is my third… and since we are writing here… should be just terminology slang which might confuse you.
In short, Blender should be capable of producing something similar. Give it a try!

Happy blending!

no problem, where is latvia anyway??? do know any good tutorial? i have no clue how to start this…

why do you need these perspective lines ?

i mean set your camera to perspective and it will do it for you wihtout showing the lines

in any case the numbers of perspective dpends on the scene you ahe
for intance for a forest with mountains there are no perespective lines
for some building you may have 6 perspectives lines
so it depends on your scene

but blender takes care of this for you just draw your models as real 3 objects and the camera will do the trick for you automatically !

happy blendering

Let me be ironic too - have you had ever used Google ;)? They say we are here, aaaand they are right. Come and see some time!

Back to basics - i would recommend this.

@RickyBlender: that’ll come. Just give a bit of time.

what will come ?

unless he absolutely need the perspective lines
which there might be a script for this but not even certain if it exist in 2.6 !

Vanishing point
3 ,2 ,1 , 0 (Orthographic) Rendering

happy 2.5

im a artist, i use pencils.

are you guys saying the program cant do it, i need these grids for work.

you mean you want to draw in 2D !

in blender it is easier to draw real objects with no perspetive line and then simply render with camera in perspetive mode then it will do it for you that’s the advantage of 3D blender

but i don’t remember anything about having perspective lines shown in blender !
but may be there is a way somehow !

but as i said the 3,2,1,0 are only a summary some scenes may have a lot more perspective lines then that !

happy 2.6

:wink: c’mon! Let’s go digital! You’ll wont need sharpeners anymore! Never ever dirty hands… just imagine… New canvas or digital clay every day!

Well, really, honestly… You want somebody coming up with ready to go solution? A3? I dont know if its feasible to go bigger formats; vector graphics, any CAD soft would do better then imho.

i draw illustrations, artists need those grids to fastdraw architecture. never mind , maybe ill find something else.

the only persp lines i can see is if you set your viewport into perspective mode

but i never use this mode !

much easier to be in ortho mode and draw real 3D objects where you control the real dimensions
wihout having to think of perspective lines !

when rendering with camera in perspetive mode then it will take care of it for you
that’s the advantage of blender and any CG in 3D!

also yo don’t have to worry about shadows from light blender will take care of it
and you can adjust these on certain light lamp type!

but this will come with experience with blender or any other CG soft!

happy 2.6

they seem to have it in illustrator:

but im with linux.

ok still this would be interesting to draw in 2D with the perspective lines guiding you for the drawing and 3D effects!

but in blender your already in 3D you don’t even have to think about perspective lines blender will take care of that

just draw it in 3D and it will render it in perspective what ever your draw in 3D!

that’s the big advantages to not worry about perspective lines when you draw in blender!

and i think you should take advantage of this and learn 3D with blender
don’t worry about perspective it’s taken care by blender
even if you don’t see the perspective lines in viewport !
mind you as i said you can set the viewport in perspetive mode if you want to see it
but then it’s difficult to draw in that mode because of the distortion!

have fun in 3D with blender

This might sound stupid, but can’t you emulate a mac or windows system on your linux, that way you could sort of still do it.

Alternatively this doesn’t look at that much of programming work to program. Maybe you can find someone who can write a small program/tool for you in linux?

just remember there is a special blender SVN for artist to draw in 2D

called Freestyle…

see here at graphical org

go to the page and it will probably give your a site for intro to this SVN

may be that would be interesting for you !

happy blender

Well, this is some 12 units high, horizon line 4, just print wires. rotate camera, draw some more lines… you have idea.
For quick grid will do.