Create 2D animated elements for 3D animation(PLEASE HELP!!!)

I want to create a 3D presentation so I need some 2d animated elements like:
2d animated texts, Growing curves and vectors , Animated diagrams which I wanted to composite with 3d animation created in blender. But unfortunately I don’t know exactly how I can create those staff:o . Which software (open source software preferred!!!) I can use for that purpose and where I can find related tutorials?
Any help are welcome.Regards!:yes:

Aresenal has some free animated flourishes and vectors.

Vectors are great because you can import them into Blender, extrude them and they become true 3D elements.

The best bet is to storyboard out your presentation and make only what you need to.

you can make all those 2d elements in blender too. Funny, eh? :wink: Even textanimation… if its not too special… just be sure not to overdo it. Or this presentation might get into a very huge beast of cluttered stuff. But i’m sure you know this…
best regads .,!
laune :smiley:

thanks all for response!