create 2d slice from 3d object

I’d like to create a 2d slice (i.e. 2d mesh or bezier) through a 3d model. I’ve tried intersecting a plane with a mesh model, but I get a 3d object.


If your looking for a cross-section of the mesh, with no added vertexes, here’s how you can do it with the Knife Tool script:

With your mesh in Object Mode, add a plane and place it where you want to make the cross-section. Then split the 3d view-port and go to the Scripts window.

From the Scripts menu go to Object >> Knife Tool.
In Object Mode, select the first the mesh then the plane. (Plain should be light pink, Mesh should be purple) Click the New Object button, then the Cut button.

Tab into Edit Mode and hit X and delete the active vertexes. (In yellow and out of the cut plane) You should have two objects left now besides the plane. The original mesh and a cross-section of it.

If you want interior faces in the cross-section, just go into Edit Mode, select its vertexes, and hit Shift + F. Or add the faces manually.

That’s the tool I was looking for. When I switch to edit mode after hitting the cut button, none of my vertices are in an active select state, though. I should be able to deal with that… Thanks.

No problem.