Create a 3d representation of stock price movement

I have a task: create in blender a 3d graph for intel stock price movement using time, price, volume dimensions.
P(t,v) Price units $1.11 , time units: minutes, volume units: 1 person
here is the graph:

Teach me how to create something like that in Blender and how to add points to this graph.
I am an individual, know nothing about 3d design or Blender. I downloaded it, watched few videos, couldn’t figure out how to do it myself, so I am looking for someone who can do it and explain it to me, you tell me how much you would charge for something like this.


Do you have an example of a similar thing to what you’d like to end up with?

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Unfortunately I don’t have an example of a similar thing, but here is more clarification of what I need: what I want is the following:

  1. Someone to build initial 3d graph of the intel stock (for example for the last 2 years) - this data exists in a lot of places not just yahoo, and there are different ways of getting that data, and different formats you can find this data online. I am not sure which one is needed, because I don’t know how the build is done. But if you explain it to me, I can probably find the format you need. each point in blender should be described by 3 parameters, so the image in blender should look completely different from the image of existing graph on yahoo. Yahoo image is a line (consist of 2 parameters) and the bar consist of one parameter.

  2. after the initial graph is done I should be able to update points and put possible future points to see if it fits the current pattern.

  3. learning-wise I wanted to know how to do that initial build and how to play with various possibilities for future points. I want to do various drawing experiments for the future flow of the points. I also might want to do experiments with different time frames (like instead of 30 min intervals - do 15 minutes or one hour), so I want to be able to recreate the initial build myself.

I don’t need a reusable tool which will recreate automatically a graph from yahoo, as I won’t be using this on other stocks. You can use any tool to make the initial build, if it is automatic or manual - I don’t care.

This is what was suggested by a member of the community as the best way to move forward:
you need to perform a basic math operation to the values of price, time and volume to get a new graph.
It is better to build in Python (a programming/scripting language that you can use inside Blender) a script to help you build those graphs you need. the resulting script should let you edit values much more easily, semi-automatically and if you decide to extend the functionality of it. A 3D artist can do a beautiful graph, but in your case, you should prioritize the functionality and “editability” of that graph…

More clarification: I can’t provide you with example of image/sketch how the graph should look like. This will be defined by the points. I know how a point should look like,
You have 3 axes:
one axes is time measured in minutes, which will start for example from year 2012-01-01 at 9 am and will continue in time, where each division will be a minute, so it will be 2012-01-01 9:01, 2012-01-01 9:02, 2012-01-01 9:03
second axis is the price it should start at $0.00 next division is $0.01, $0.02 and so on until $1000
third axis is volume, it should start from 0 and go to 1,000,000,000 (1B)
so depending on what data you put in, this is how the points will be defined: if you put the data with 15 min intervals the graph will look different from the graph with 30 min interval - because the volume will takes the volume gathered from the previous point into account.

if you look in the graphs in yahoo, and put different time frames, you will see how the parameters change. this is what was meant by you need to perform basic math operations to get a new graph
it doesn’t have to be this way though, maybe there is another way to do it. Like I can create 3 graphs from 3 sets of data as oppose to modify one set of data, if I know how to do initial build.
Updating/adding the points - Ideally I would like to draw the curves in blender at the end of the graph to predict future behavior of the graph and get somehow the values of those points I draw.
Another member of the community suggested that it potentially could be done using add-ons, not necessarily script in python.
Note: I don’t need animation.

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