Create a circlular hole?

How would i create a circular hole in a plane that is already subdivided?Thanks

Here’s one way how to do that with subdivision surfaces:

  1. Create a plane.
  2. Select all the verts of the plane with a unless they are already selected.
  3. Hit w and select subdivide
  4. Hit shift-s and select cursor to selection. (Most likely not needed but just in case)
  5. Add a circle, 8 verts will do.
  6. Scale the circle with s to fit the plane.
  7. Remove the vert in the center of the plane by selecting it and hitting x and selecting erase vertices.
  8. Select all verts, hit shift-f to fill and alt-j to convert tris to quads.
  9. Add subsuf modifier to the modifier stack.

Notes: The fill created with shift-f should be improved by removing the tris and manually filling the gap.
You can use crease shift-e to make the corners of the plane sharp.

Another way to do this would have been to create a plane, subdivide it and then extrude it and scale the extrusion inwards. Remove the center vert. Then all you would have to do is to select the center “box” and hit To Sphere. This technique is faster. (The center box should be already selected due to extrusion.)

check out this as a possible

Or this

Or this (search is my friend) :slight_smile:

nice one.cheers.

another way is also to use boolean, stick the cylinder strough the plane and cut. when you subdiv the plane two times befor for example you have less faces to clean up.

nurbana the new nurbs code is in the works and hopefuly will be included soon. as far as i know at the end it will support tools like trim surfaces and filets !!!


  1. Add a plane
  2. Press w > subdivide multi > no. of cuts 3 > ok
  3. Select centre vert and delete it
  4. alt-rmb click the inner edge ring
  5. press to sphere > 100 %
  6. Add subsurf modifier