Create a cookie cutter pentagram shape

Newbiequestion. Apologies if it already has been answered.

I am trying to create a model that can be 3D printed. It’s not going so well.

I have created the shape I want from a curve and converted it to a mesh.
Used an array modifier to get 5 identical shapes.


I then try to use simple deform and bend. This can of course be the wrong approach.
But is it possible to stop the shapes from getting wider as they bend?

I can apparently not post more than one picture

How about creating a cylinder with 5, 10, 15 or 20 sections (or any amount of sections multiple of 5) and shaping it by moving edges towards normals? Then “carve” the inner part out and you have cookie cutter.

The Blender part of my brain, just isn’t big enough yet.
I don’t understand the " moving edges towards normals"

This is what I’m aiming to print.
But problem nr:1 is that the “leafs” are to wide.

The model on the picture is unprintable for many reasons.

The right approach for you would be to use an object offset on your array modifier and use an empty as the offset object. Use rotation on the empty to give rotation to your leaves.

This way the leaves don’t deform as they rotate.

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To elaborate on that:

  • Add an Empty Object in the middle
  • Rotate the Empty by 360 / 5 = 72 Degrees on the Z Axis
  • Set the Array Modifier of the shapes to only use Object Offset and pick the Empty

I did not elaborate cause I am already answering another complicated post. Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Thank you,
I did something wrong but managed to get things where I want them by moving the empty around.
I’m happy

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