Create a custom hotkey for the Occlude geometry button

If you ever wondered how you can create your custom hotkey for the “Occlude geometry” toggle in the Edit Mode here is a simple way to do it. I have found it via Blender Cookie (Create Custom hotkey tutorial) under comments section. As almost two years passed in-between, I had to change a line from space_data.occlude_geometry to the space_data.use_occlude_geometry.

  • Open preferences and under Input > 3d View > Mesh section click on the “Add” button.
  • Enter " wm.context_toggle" into first empty input box.
  • Map a key you wish to use instead of occlude geometry button.
  • In the second input box bellow (Contex Attrib) add a line: space_data.use_occlude_geometry
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thx for the mesage

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Thanks! a lot

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