Create a dress using geometry nodes

Is it possible to create dress for an existing mesh using geometry node?
will it be helpful or more time consuming than the normal process?

Hum, it’s hard to tell without looking into the specifics.
In general procedural modeling is always more time consuming than manual modeling.
Unless you’re dealing with a lot of repetition like putting tiles on a roof, or some arrays…

Now if you have hundreds of variations of these dress you may look into procedural modeling, but you need to study a lot even to know how to get control over variations.
Say we make a car generator that takes pieces of different cars and assemble them randomly , we need a set of rules to get an interesting result instead of frankenstein cars…
We need to teach the computer to do some clever choice by having a clear idea of the process and translate that into nodes.

It gets even more tricky when you need to stick to a particular design but you want to have different results.

At least what you can do is to model it by hand and make some little procedural tools to deal with some parts that seems difficult to do manually. That way you get the best of both worlds.

Good luck !