create a face from single vertex


Is there a way to get this behaviour in blender ?
You select a single vertex and by using an operator it drags a face out of that vertex.
This was (in how far I remember) a feature in topogun.

Is there something similar in blender?
Images below explains a bit better what I mean.

Thanks !

  1. Start

  2. Start operator

  3. Drag a face out of that vertex

Enable the F2 addon

( “Auto Grab” is not enabled by default , enabling it is a matter of preference, try with or without )

Now select your vertice

Press the F key, result :

If you enabled “Auto Grab”, from there you can just move your mouse, the highlighted vertex can be moved without having to press G

Perfect, indeed what I needed ! thanks for pointing this out !

this thing is solved :slight_smile: