Create a film grain layer

I’m using free davinci resolve to edit something i made in blender. in davinci they have a film grain thing but you need to pay for it. i was wondering if i could make one myself in blender.

i was thinking basically just have a plane. give it some noisy texture that’s transparent with a transparent world and render to png? or do a short loop animation of the noise moving around a little?

but then the part I’m not sure about, i can just put that over all my clips in davinci and it’ll work…lol?


so yeah i didn’t get very far… how do i make it see through :’(

Hi @tall011,

Davinci Resolve 16:
Film grain, Fusion page->Effects->Tools->Film->Film Grain
Film damage, Fusion page->Effects->OpenFX->ResolveFX Texture->Film Damage

Here is film grain plus dirt and scratches from film damage.

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lol yoooooooo wait… is this for real? if you try to add grain on the color page it doesn’t let you unless you pay, but on the fusion tab you can use it for free!? if that’s true, that’s wild lol.

thanks for the reply. happy new years eve.

i know this is sort of a different question. but before i wasn’t using anything in fusion. now even with just the grain my playback is slow. do you know off hand how to deal with that? i’m currently just bypassing the grain to get good playback. before i was getting a very solid 24 fps (no optimized media) and now i’m getting like 17 fps

I don’t know. I use Davinci for stabilization and some FX it does better than Hitfilm. Playback speed isn’t important for that so I haven’t learned to improve it. Do you have a gpu? Be sure your preferences say to use it.

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thanks again for the reply. i’m searching on google and looking through the settings and i can’t find anything about enabling my gpu for playback. i have a 2060. everything on good is talking about enabling the gpu for rendering, but i don’t think that’s what you meant.

Just a guess that low fps could be due to cpu only. I mainly use HitFilm Express so I’m no expert on Davinci. Luckily I knew the FX you wanted. Looks like you have to use whatever optimizations it has for playback. Or workflow: set up FX that are slow then disable until final render or do them last.