Create a "mad scientist"

submission deadline May 26, 2011

Per the My Tank! Synopsis ( and newly adopted Script (…

The My Tank! Music Video Project invites one and all to design the “main character” of the My Tank! Music Video.

Submission Overview:
Create a wacky “mad scientist” character that will be featured in 3DCG format for the My Tank! Music Video. This is a “concept contest”, so your submission may created via 2D or 3DCG art formats, hand drawn, painted, computer-generated, etc.

The main character is simply described as a “Mad Scientist,” such as of Frankenstein or other stereotypical imagery. Even so, this provides a large area of ideas. He could be young or old, fat or thin, geeky or gawky, on bald or profusely maned, and on and on…

The main thing to consider is that this fellow has decided to build a combat tank for a tank-battle competition. He will begin rather mild-mannered, but will become more “crazed” and “obsessed” – MAD – ultimately building a “super tank” using robotic tools of his lab, intending to install a “living brain” into it as the control mechanism. In the end, his own robotic equipment takes him down against his will, and forcibly removes his brain, putting it into his tank… thus the final lyric “I am me… I am My Tank!”

Placing your “Mad Scientist” in action is encouraged. While his surroundings will not be judged, his facial expressions, posing and appearance of “at work in the lab” will all contribute to the character’s impression as a “great guy for the music video!”

Award to Contestants and Winner:

All contestants who submit a quality concept artwork (2D or 3D render) will be listed in the “My Tank!” recognized as designers/conceptualists (appropriate title to be determined) project credits.

The winning submission creator will be designated for his or her specific contribution as the conceptualist of the actual “Mad Scientist” character, and be considered an ongoing member of the My Tank! project on through to completion of the video.


All submissions must be created “from scratch,” completely original work, of your own design and creation. No use pre-designed, previously copyrighted/trademarked/etc., material is acceptable.

Acceptable Art Submission Formats
All submissions must be submitted in bmp, jpg, or png format. 3DCG submissions likewise must be in a final rendered format.

Your final submission may be posted here for all of this community to enjoy, but it must also be presented at the My Tank Project site: for judging.

As this is a “Concept Art” project, the exact choices of “art media” (pencil, paint, Photoshop, Blender, 3DS Max, etc.) is wholly up to you, the artist, so long as the final “art” submission fits the above-mentioned file formats.

3DCG Models, Material, etc.
If you opt to design using a 3DCG model/animation software package (Blender, 3DS Max, Maya, etc.), your final model work will be accepted for actual video production. However, you may be asked to resize your model and export it into a “general purpose file format” (obj, 3ds, etc.) to accommodate future 3DCG needs of the My Tank! production team.