Create a plane for the image or use the image and then make the cuts on the plane?

I’m doing a flag animation. I can do it with a regular plane, but my flag needs to be cut into like a triangle on the end. I’ve tried to look at all the tutorials, but have yet to see how to do this. Can anyone help?

you mean like this

it is simply a case of moving the bottom right vertex to the left in edit mode:evilgrin:

Thank you for responding!! I’m new on this forum and it won’t let me upload a photo yet, I guess. My flag has two points on the end of it instead of just a flat end. If I could add a photo on here it would be easier to just show you. I will do my best to describe it. If you took a plane and then cut a triangle into the end of it that is what my flag looks like. I just do not know how to cut the plane to do it and keep all my subdivisions. Does that help any?

h ok i got you know you meant like this

ok when in edit mode do a CTRL R and make 3 loop cuts on the x axis then just position the verts


Yes, that is pretty close. But what happens when I put the uv mapping to it and the cut doesn’t match up to the actual image?

then just manipulate the uvmapping vertices to the image dude

I appreciate your help! I am so new to this program. I’ve been on it only since friday and took some tutorials. Mostly on flag animation. I have been an editor for years, and use fusion, but this 3D program looked really good and I wanted to learn it. That being said… I don’t know how to view both my image and the uvmapping vertices at the same time to manipulate them. And if you know of anyway here on this forum for me to post an image that would be helpful. When I go to do it in here it doesn’t post anything. I think I might have to have 10 posts before they let me do anything in here.

If you are still there I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

I’m a little confused on using the uv mapping. I have an image that I need to use on a plane. But the image I am using is not a simple plane, part of it is cut out. How do I achieve the mapping and the cutting? Please help!!

This is a mesh plane with the uvmapping. I need to cut out the white for this flag. Can anyone help me?

This is what I have been talking about.

Any thoughts on how to get the white out of this?

Multiple ways to model it.
One way is to add a plane using the ‘Images as Planes’ addon. This will apply the texture to a plane the same size as your image all in one go. Cut in half along the middle and pull in the middle right vertex to match the shape of your flag. Then Subdivide.

Sorry for being so new to this, but where is the Images as Planes addon at? and thank you for responding!!

File / User Preferences / Addons / Import-Export panel. Enable it by checking its tickbox

Wow! Thank you!! I did not know that was there. That sure opens up a lot things now. However, you told me to cut in half along the middle and pull in the middle right vertex to match the shape of your flag. Then Subdivide. Well I tried to do that and every time I move the middle vertex the whole object moves and gets distorted. Obviously I am missing something.

Can you help me understand how to cut this? it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can anyone please explain to me how to cut this image? I have been trying work on this for 3 days and its getting very frustrating. And seems so simple.

I need an explanation on how to do this. Thank you!!

Follow these steps in Edit mode:

My oops… after the purple line appears, left-click immediately, then hit Enter (without otherwise moving the mouse) to fix the division in place. If the whole thing is moving, you have either selected more than the one vertex, or you may have Proportional Editing turned on; toggle with O-key.

When I do that I get this.

You need to re-do UV unwrapping if you add or delete vertices in your mesh. Then you can move the UVs themselves in the UV/Image editor to match up with the image.