Create a Portal effect in Blender

Hello, there! I’m doing a test creating the effect from the Portal game, is possible to replicate this technique from this video below to blender?

I tried to create cameras with “track to” for each portal and composite using more scenes (the track result its not perfect, maybe there is a better solution), but it gets tricky when the object is too close to enter the portal, it gets very big and then black because its going trough the camera and this doesn’t feel like going through a portal (making the lens wide the effect become weird).

0001-0049.mkv (394.1 KB)
Video showing the test.

When passing through the portal it becomes black because its passing inside the camera

After passing through the portal, the object appears very big in the other portal.

So there’s a better way to get this effect? Thanks!

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Hey! I’m looking for the same effect. We’re in Blender 4.0, but still no luck. I only saw this video about portals in Blender, which is the closest thing I’ve found, but unfortunately, there’s no tutorial for it. I know this was discussed about three years ago, but… have you found anything since then? :worried: