Create a Profolio in Blenderartists

Hallo everybody,
I’d like to create a Portfolio where can I add my WIP and finished 3D works.
But I don’t understand how does it work…, sorry.
1 - I saw I have a Portfolio section in my account but I didn’t find a way to add images to it. So, how does it work?
2 - when I have something to show, should I open a topic on Artwork/Finished Project… Animations…WIP…?
3 - to insert an image Is it preferable to use a link from Behance or Dribbble or similar, or should I use an online image uploading service (e.g. …)?
Thank you for a glad reply!


Hey Duca!

  1. All images in the #artwork section will appear in your portfolio.
  2. Yes :slight_smile:
  3. You can just drag an image file in to the message editor.
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Fast, efficient, exhaustive…, wow!

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