Create a Sci-Fi Helicopter Animation in Blender

Hello Blender Community!

My name is Dino, Co-founder of the Render Craft Academy, the place where you can learn how to use Blender and become a professional 3D artist. Becoming a good and successful 3d artist is a long way off a dedicated path. We want to help you and make that journey painless and much more interesting for you! Currently, there are more than 80 courses available and we are creating courses every single month so make sure you check it.

Also, we just created our youtube channel where you can find tutorials about Blender and information about the 3D world.

In this video, for beginners, I will show you how you can create SCI-FI Helicopter Animation step by step using Free and Open Source Software Blender.

Create a Sci-Fi Helicopter Animation in Blender

Enjoy the video!