Create a scoop/scallop on a hemispheroid (e.g. rocket nose tip)


I am trying to make a scoop shape for the side boosters on the side of my object. They are in the shape of a scoop and look like air intakes, but inversed. For reference shape, you can have a look here, and take a look at Crew Dragon 2 side boosters. I am trying to do the same on a similar shape.

My shape may not be perfect for the job, so you can change it, but preferably, keep the general shape of the hemispheroid.

You can find the .blend file here.

Until you’re allowed to attach files here, you can use and share links here.

See if this helps get you going in the direction you want. I just started extruding some of those areas out a bit and then rotated and moved some edges inward/outward to get the shape that was close…

RocketTop.blend (1001.1 KB)