Create a script that goes through simple steps so I dont have to do them everytime?

Would it be possible to create a script which does the steps 3-10?

the simple steps I always do again:

  1. I select my object, e.g. a human, and go into edit mode
  2. I choose any faces, e.g. i choose the hand (to create a glove)
  3. I duplicate the selected faces
  4. I separate the duplicated faces from my object
  5. I go into object mode and select the separated object (the glove)
  6. I add the modifier “solidify” to the separated object (the glove)
  7. I always add the same settings to the solidify modifier, 0.1 thickness, no ram
  8. I apply the modifier to the seperated object (the glove)
  9. I select the separated object (glove) and go to edit mode
  10. I delete all faces that were not created by the solidifier modifier, so the lower layer

finished glove (same would be for pants etc)

when modeling I often need a layer over my original object, e.g. for trousers, gloves, shirts etc.
I very often have to do the same steps again when modeling, which takes a very long time overall.

Would it be possible to create a script that goes through the steps 3-10 so I don’t have to do the same thing over and over again and if so how?

E.g. a script that works like this:
i select an object, go into edit mode and select the faces. I run the script and the selected faces go through all the steps mentioned above, so that in the end I have another object that had the settings from the solidify modifier, e.g. a glove, pants etc.

Try this:

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do you know if it also works with modifiers?

You could buy a streamdeck and record / play your actions :slightly_smiling_face: