Create a sculptie from an arbitrary mesh???

Ok I know this is possible in 3D Studio Max cuz I saw the thread… however, I was wanting to know if it’s possible to create a sculpty from an existing mesh. For those of you that don’t know (this may be few) what a sculpty is it’s where RGB corresponds to XYZ of a mesh, in-turn when creating this rainbow colored image, you slap it on a prim and it becomes the object…

This sound you’re talking about normalMaps.
Yes this is possible.
You can bake normal maps via the BakePane into images.
And you can use different spaces (Cameramapped, Objectspace,Worldspace, Tangentspace)
And you can bake them onto other meshes (on Lowpolyversions for example)


If you’re talking about Second Life sculpties, I would suggest this site:

Sculpty prims have specific mesh requirements to work properly. You can’t just take any mesh and make it into one.

I doubt that.

There are four types of sculpted prims: plane, cylinder, sphere and torus. Each of them has a square UV map, i.e. 32x32 vertices, all quads, no poles. (The top and bottom vertices of the sphere type get interpolated from the edge loops that surround them, i.e. the triangles are not part of the sculpt map. It’s basically the cylinder type plus automatic capping.) Any mesh that does not meet these requirements cannot be unwrapped to a sculpt map. All you can do is split it up into several subshapes and handle these separately.

This is why so many content creators have voted for true mesh import.