Create a shape aligned to a face(normal)

Hi im modeling a naval mine sortoff the thing is how i create a cilinder aligned to the one face of my sphere? i selected the face and moved the cursor to selected, then, i change the transform orientation to normal, the gizmo look ok, but when i add a cilinder this is added in the wrong angle, this must be an easy one but im new, and not a fluent english speaker so i cant seem to formulate the adecuate serch.

That’s possible but complicate so, instead of this, I will teach you something that will be more useful for your naval mine. There are usually more than one of these cylinders pointing out of a mine. Let’s make Blender do all the work for us. :wink:

Edit your sphere, select the faces where you want to put a cylinder. Any number. Even only one if that’s what you really want.

Press [SHIFT D] to duplicate the selected faces and then [RMB] to cancel any movement. Then [P] Separate --> Selection.

[TAB] to go back into Object mode. [RMB] to select only the original sphere. [H] to hide it.

Select the partial sphere. [SHIFT S] --> Cursor to Selected.

Add a cylinder. It must be vertical, aligned with the Z (blue) axis. (The cylinder and the partial sphere must have the same origin.)

[SHIFT RMB] to select also the partial sphere. [CTRL P] Set Parent To --> Object.

Now, in the Properties shelf, open the Object tab (the orange cube) and scroll down to the Duplication panel. Activate “Faces”.

That’s it. You have a cylinder on every face. :smiley:

Now, you can edit the cylinder at the center to give it a better shape. The copies will be changed automatically.

[ALT H] in Object mode to make the original sphere reappear, or else you can click the eye in the Outliner.

When you’re satisfied, [RMB] on one of the duplicated cylinders. [CTRL A] --> Make Duplicates Real (or directly [SHIFT CTRL A]) and you can delete the partial sphere used as support.

This technique is called “Duplifaces” or “Dupliverts” when you use the vertices as origin for the duplication. You should find it quite handy when you’ll want to add bolts on your naval mine. :wink:

Yeay thanks man thats just the thing i needed!

Kaluura’s method is very good, here is a quick way.
Snap to faces ON, align rotation with the snapping target ON and project individual elements on the surface of other objects OFF.
Then grab your cylinder over the sphere.