Create a shortcut to change Pivot point

Hi, I’d like to have a shortcut that’d put my pivot mode to 3D cursor, and another shortcut for Median point, in Blender 2.8?

No menu, no pie menu, just directly sets it to 3D cursor/median.

How can it be set up in blender?

Thank you

Hmm it seems trying to set any of the pivot point options to quick favorites does not work. Except the only origins option.

Maybe you could set them to a keystroke in user preferences though.

There may be a way to do it in the keymap, but I don’t know how to do it offhand.

You can now (as of a few days ago) right click the menu and assign a shortcut key to the menu which will pop up the menu whenever you want it, but I know that’s not exactly what you want.

A helpful person answered, leaving a message here if someone else wants this:

in 3D (global)
make a shortcut with wm.context_set_enum
In context attributes, put scene.tool_settings.transform_pivot_point
In value put CURSOR