create a single vertex

“I work in windows and the CTRL+Left click will create a single vertex at the mouse pointer position and connect them with an edge if the CTRL key is held down.”

The above quote does not accomplish a single vertex. What am I doing wrong?
using ver. 2.65

Are you in object mode or edit mode? It will work only in edit mode.

I am trying to scale some reference drawings.
Cannot find a single vertex under mesh selection. So I cannot enter edit mode.
Pure novice here and the logic just does not make sense to me.
Tutorials never seem to equate to reality. Forehead is bleeding. yuk yuk

You must already have an object to be able to enter in Edit mode so… Add one, first! :smiley:

Then in Edit mode, you can delete everything and start creating you own vertices with CTRL+Click.

Attach or post a link to your blend file