Create a snowman (EEVEE | Beginner)

Hi all,
I’m new on this forum. However, I use Blender for more than 15 years now and it has just incredibly evolved over the years! :grinning:

As winter is coming, I have recorded a set of videos to learn how to make a snowman by using EEVEE. The tutorial is split in 15 videos (I have a very slow internet connection so I prefer to upload short videos…). A new video is released each day of december (until December, 15th so). English is not my mother tongue so I prefer not to speak in my videos. I hope you’ll appreciate the tutorial though. :sweat_smile:

You can find the playlist here:

Here is the result of the tutorial series :


Thanks for your tutorial, beneficial :+1:

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GREAT TUTORIAL!!! i am following it right now, subscribed and left a comment there!!! thank you for increasing my skills!

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Hi Nicolas!
Thanks you for your subscription. It will encourage me to realize more tutorials. :grinning:
As I am currently producing a short for Christmas, I’ve decided to record the creation of this snowman that will appear in the movie. It is really simple to make for beginners and feedbacks on the final render were quite enthousiatic on another website. ^^

as promised on youtube, here is my progression according to your movies! great tutorials!!!

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sadly, i can’t watch the last to videos :frowning:

One video is released a day until December 15th so that I have enough time to edit them. This video is scheduled to be released tomorrow… :sweat_smile:
I haven’t yet recorded the two last videos as I’ve had some issues on my computer, now it’s fixed so I can end the tutorial series.

PS: part 11 is released. You should like it! :grinning:
PS2: part 12 (shading the landscape elements) is not really “interesting” as you’ve already done the work in the part 11 (shading the snowman). So I will release part 13 tomorrow as well.

Great antiXeon!!! i am on my way!!! if you ever are in need of someone to model some little props/assets, please let me know! not only will i learn from it, it willbe a wayto return a favour :slight_smile:

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Hi! Thanks, all the assets are already made and I should end the animation work this weekend. The rendering is scheduled for the beginning of the next week. ^^
Maybe another time! :slight_smile:

i just have to tweak those trees a little bit :slight_smile:

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Yeah! That’s nice like this. :+1:

OMG Just realized I made THIS in the midde of December 2020 :smiley:
Looks like I used your tutorial but no, it was WAY MORE painful to create on my own (mostly because of particles and volumetric shader tweaking)