Create a stereoscopic 3D video in blender

Just a little question:

Is it possible to make a video in blender that you can watch in 3d on a TV with shutter glasses and if it’s possible how?

Yes, constanly doing it in my job. Most videos we produce are Stereo3d.
All you need is 2 cameras, the right setup, and render both eyes, lateron create the video according to the requirement, usually side by side.

I did it by duplicating my primary camera, dragging it slightly to the left of the main camera, and then parenting it to the main camera. (There is no need to parent the cameras if the camera is never moved or rotated). Render from the main camera, then render from the 2nd camera, and finally use video editing software to merge the 2 videos into one 3D video. Be careful not to separate the cameras too much or you’ll generate uncomfortable divergence and it may even become impossible to view the 3D image.

Do a little study on the principles and math behind stereo photography to gain greater control over the stereo space. Simply separating the cameras will usually work, but by proper adjustment of their relationship you can control how the image looks in 3D, including where the main picture plane will be, and how strong the stereo effect is. With some scripting it can all be automated, with user input on the parameters and then auto-generation of the stereo pairs, including animation.

This should get you started:

Wow, arexma, that looks great, thanks for posting it.