Create a straight line on a round object like a Cylinder top


I have a cyliner. Now I want a cross on the rount top of it. My first intention was to delete the face and create four edges. Two from left to right and two from top to the bottum. But how should I close the rest of the face…
Next idea, create a cross and use the Boolean Modifier. It workes.
But for my understanding, is there a easy way to create straight edges in a round object? I mean not taper to the middle, rather from left to right, like a grid.


would be able to help better if you shared screenshots

Here is the correct topology for what you are looking for- a cross in a cylinder top. All quads. No n-gons, no tris.


Here’s a quick way how you can do it in blender. Depending on the look you are after you may have to straighten the filled result, what you can eg do with the edge flow addon.

Here’s a video for the edgeflow step I mentioned:

Someone was scaling to zero, ehh? :grin::grin:

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That would have worked for sure! I did extruding and merging at last :

It’s a little faster for me personally, no idea why :sweat_smile:

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Oh yes, I love this approach, I do it all the time when modelling low poly stuff, just getting the main thing right, then filling holes later.
I always thought it is an “unprofessional” approach audience exclaims appalled :smile: but I am happy I’m not the only one. It feels easier, and won’t take that much time :blush:

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