create an "illustrator" offset path for vacum molded logo

Hi there,

First of all,… everybody who worked on this beautiful program to make it and improve it, and all of you who spend time teaching and helping people to get working with it THANX. I really starting to like this program.

But now I’m searching something witch I can’t find,… I trying to make a vacuum molded 3D logo. And thanx to some recent post I think I know how to do it right! (showthread.php?t=164631). What I’m searching for now is how can I make a “offset path” (anyway so is it called in Adobe Illustrator) I made an image to make it clear!
The first 2 are scaled, the last 2 have an "offsetpath.

Greetings MMike


ALT+S in Edit Mode, to scale along the object’s normals ?

Hey MMike, I would use Inkscape to get the paths the way you like. It has nice options for offsetting the path in the Path menu. I used to be an Illustrator god.:ba: Then use Blender’s SVG Importer for Inkscape SVG.

But that I get this: Afbeelding 1.jpg

And I want Afbeelding 2.jpg, and it would be nice if i can do it with a entire text-logo at once.


You could use the ‘solidify selection’ script. You would first have to extrude your mesh perpendicular to the direction you would like it offset as it only affects faces. Delete the additional vertices when you have completed the offset.


like organic said before extruding and using alt + s would work nicely

Moffboffjoe, Organic: Sorry but,… I don’t understand what I can do wrong then,… I have an edge-loop selected > extrude > “only edges” > hit ALT+S,… and drag.
With a circle it works, but if I look at the examples of the hart figure and the other figure (gray) I don’t get the space between the first and second line exactly the same on all the sides, with ALT+S :frowning: I’m wondering if you make a hart shape en use ALT+S is the line on all sides exacty the same?

Richard: The “solidify selection” script is interesting I will certainly take a look at it!

But Secundar (your answer and my first reaction seems to crossed),… I touch of it when driving back home, I’m also an Illustrator freak, and touch why don’t work from illustrator to Blender! Perhaps it isn’t the right way but I will find it out in time… O yes, I will use Inkscape also because Illustrator is so untidy with the control-points.

If I find out something interesting I will post it! Thanx all of you, and I discovered some pretty nice other things already on this forum.

Greetings MMike

I have seen similar questions before and some people always say use Alt+S. I have always found for your type of shapes, this never works. For some shapes it may do but when you have sharp angles ‘jutting’ into the main body of the shape it doesn’t work.

This is why I suggested the script, its a bit of a hassle but I think works and gives the result you’re looking for.

As an example this is the result you get for a similar shape.


O.K. Richard,
So I don’t do anything wrong, I’m not stupid or crazy, the action isn’t just right for this figure/form.
O.K. thanx I got it !!!


Check this thread also:
It is possible to create an offset curve in Blender but the tool is not very advanced and won’t work for complex curves.
Examine the image below (look the Width parameter).
The steps for creating the mesh object will leave to you :wink:


The Inkscape/Illustrator method seems to work the best for me, but,

I’m able to export the base logo-figure from Blender to Illustrator or Inkscape, so I can assign the offset path in one of these programs. But when I import the file into Blender it shows (with both programs) more “control point” that/than I want (extra point are assigned). I tried to save it from Illustrator as a compressed SVGZ, but still the same result :frowning:

I think I could remove them by hand, but if there is a “trick” to get it done automatically it would save me a lot of time. I could also use a .JPG file of the result I made in a drawing program and use that as a guide (assign it as a background image).

But I’m also/already happy with the result I made manually, but to get an “industrial look” perfect using generated offset-paths could help me with other projects (more complicated) in the future.

Greeting MMike