Create and assign materials to selected objects

HI guys

Task: create and assign materials for selected objects where material name = object name.
I.e. we select 3 objects, “box”, “cool_box”, “awesome_model” and after script object “box” will have material named “box”, “awesome_model” will have material named “awesome_model” and so on.

Maybe some one have an examples? Im not familiar with python at all.
Currently i realize how to rename already created and assigned material to object name, but still dont get how to create and assign material automatically on for loop.

i would suggest look into easybpy. It’s really easy and can get job done for you if you are not in to scripting.
but here’s the code.
Select some objects and run script.
Edit: Here there is no check if object is mesh/curve or not. So if you select camera/lights which can not have material it’ll throw error.

import bpy

selected_objs = bpy.context.selected_objects

for obj in selected_objs:
    #get name of object
    name =
    # check if object has material same as object name
    # if there is then continue to next object
    if name in
    #create new material with name of object
    new_mat =
    #add new material to object
    #added material will be last in material slots
    #so make last slot active
    obj.active_material_index = len( - 1 

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Thank you Pavan, works as it should. And thanks for link you youtube channel :slight_smile: