Create animated dashed line

Hello, i am trying to create a map-animation. showing a route from A to B. now i’ve already got a dashed line. i did this by creating a cube, a curve, and add an array and curve modifier to the cube. so far so good. but what i now really want to do is let the cubes ‘‘crawl’’ along the curve.

like this:

i was looking for some kind of offset option in the curve modifier, but couldn’t find it.

can anyone point me in the right direction?

edit: i’m in 2.8 by the way.

If by crawl you mean sequentially appear like in the video, you can animated the count value in the array by right clicking, “set keyframe”. You then would want to go into the graph editor select all the keyframes and change the interpolation type to constant (in 2.8 you can right click to get interpolation). Its kind of tedious but It’s a way to do it.

lets say if i keyframe from 0 to 100 with this method, all the 100 copies generated by the array appear at once, right?

what i mean is this:
imagine i have 50 copies of a cube. i now want to have them all positioned to a curve. only not just sitting there, but following the path. when one particle is on the end of the curve, it just dies (maybe even with a scale animation, but right now thats not that important) and at the beginning of the curve, new particles are being born.

talking about particles, i think i’m looking that… found this video explaining the force field:

still playing with the settings, but i think im in the right direction.

thanks anyway.

No, they will appear sequentially or for every frame (or keyframe) you set, but the ones at the beginning will not disappear. The array modifier followed by the curve modifier. But if you want them to disappear at the beginning of the curve, I can’t think of how to do that right now.

Particles may have a way to do that, don’t know.

Your welcome

Maybe this can help.

that does help, thanks