create basketball bumps

Hi All,

I want to create the little bumps textures over the basketball model, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

I try to render in cycles…and it seems I need to play with displacement under ‘material’? but I can’t find something that create bumps surface for me.

anyone can give me some directions where I should start?

thanks…so it seems like I need to provide a textures jpg for it? is there a way just to do it without a jpg texture?

Yes, for a surface like this to create a mesh for the hundreds of bumps wouldn’t be the best idea probably; so - image to make illusion of them.
I doubt if there will be tutorial on creating a basketball in blender, but it looks you need some general on texturing, normalmap/bumpmap usage and texturing a sphere which is a bit tricky subject as such.
If google for a basketball, there are many references to texture creation and images.
You certainly know better what level of information you need, so these are subjects only.
CG Cookie had tutorial on football, that’s different, but might take a look -

cgcookie also has a tut on oranges
and this shows how to apply a nice normal map to the orange which is a little bit like your football
or at least same idea!