Create Character during Runtime?

I was thinking of how would i go about doing this my first thought was to have a .blend file that contains all the clothes that a character can have then have a replace mesh actuactor that is controlled by a python script that sets the character as parent upon confirmation but this is the worst possible solution. Already it has a lot of flaws, like what if the character is a little overweight(set dynamically) . Then the character mesh will pretrude through the clothes so i was thinking of another more efficient way of creating a character during runtime(clothes, weight, eyeshape, mouth, cheeks, hair etc.)

there is this other method of texture switching. Maybe lets say i have a cube with the texture image ‘1’ and you want it to have a ‘2’ in the push of a button in runtime how would I achieve that?

In 2 frames use an animated texture to switch? Although I doubt that’s an effective way.

@monster. thanks for the link though, i’m really learning a lot from you. A whole lot of us are. Blender should have some kind of reputation points system like D.I.C(Dream In Code)
@Rossblenderart thanks thats the purpose of this thread. To get different ways of doing it

I’d like to thank everyone for the support they have given me but now i’ll disappear for a while reason being i’m doing a BSci in electrical engineering my seemester begins in june so i was on a 6 months holiday experimenting with blender I had fun with everyone and enjoyed uncovering these wonders of bge. Thanks to monster for being an active reliable tutor/helper/advisor i’ll be out for quite a while… Happy blending

Good luck with your study and do not touch + and - at the same time ;).