Create circle perpendicular to path (extruding along path)


I have a SVG file imported to blender. The SVG file I want to use as path to extrude a small circle along it. Imagine a cable I want to create. The SVG file is the cable path and the circle is the profile of the cable.
My problem now is how can I get the circle I created in blender perpendicular to the path of the SVG path for correct extruding it along?
Is there any tool I can align the circle perpendicular to one segment of the SVG path?

Thanks for any help!

How about just adjusting the bevel amount in the curve properties tab?

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Hi Reg_Nullify,

sorry - I don’t know what you mean :-(.
I come from Autodesk Fusion and there I need to place the profile perpendicular to the path.
Do I have to do it in Blender as well? If yes - how please?

You probably don’t need the circle for what it sounds like you’re trying to accomplish. Just select the path (curve), and in the curve properties tab

adjust the Bevel Depth.

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FWIW, it seems that 1) you can only extrude Curves, and that 2) the profile you extrude is automagically made tangent to the end of the extruding Curve. So, you don’t have to muck about with lining it up, although the profile should be flat and facing along the +Z axis.

So, don’t make your profile Curve in the Front View. Make it in the Top View.

If you’ve already got it as a mesh, use the Object/Convert/Curve menu selection in Object Mode.

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