Create clip for more objects

Hello, how can I do one clip for many animated objects? I can add objects to Keying sets and key together, but clips are created separatly for every object. Thanks :slight_smile:

Im not sure what you mean by β€˜Clip’, do you mean an Action Clip from the NLA editor?
Or mabey an Action.
Or a Clip from the Sequence Editor.

I mean Action clip in NLA. Here is my another discusion:
But it looks that it is not possible in blender :frowning: It is really bad. Maybe there is another workflow. I can do some empty and create driver to custom attributes and create clip on empty, but I can not interactive move with driven objects :frowning: I can animate armature as whole, but I need Emptys.

It sounds like you are animating a robot, which is made from multiple objects, without using armature bones.
You want to make a walk cycle, then repeate it.

The problem you are having, is that there are multiple actions for the walk cycle, because the robot is made from multiple objects.

This is what people usually use armature bones for.
You could parent the objects to the armature bones, while the armature is in pose mode.
Then animate the armature in pose mode.
This will give you a single Action for the walk cycle.

Which can then be used to create a single action strip in the NLA editor.

Heres an example.

Many thanks for your example. It looks that Armature is only one choice :frowning: It is not only for robot or another character. When I will do character I create armature. But in my last project, I had to animate house. House did same things in many part. Open doors, open windows, open roof. I simply made many clips and used it. During opening roofs I animated many elements. Roof tiles, windows, walls etc. So I created only one animation then create clip and I could use it again on many places. During closing roof i reverse clip. I used Softimage and it looks that for animation it has better tools. So only one solution in Blender is create armature rigs for everything. :frowning: Bad for me, but I really want switch, because Autodesk killed Softimage development, so Softimage 2014 was my last version.

I think i understand.
You want to group all the object action strips into one. Then use the NLA features, like reverse.
I dont think this is currently possible.

It is possible to group Action Strips to a Meta Strip for the same object, but not different objects.
I think the NLA Editor would have to be redesigned.

Yes, you understand :slight_smile: thanks for answer. I hope that Blender developers will continue in good work and animation tools will better in future. Now I can make one bone for one object and parent. Bones dont have to be connected so it is good.