Create custom hotkeys for custom menues

Hi there,

Is it possible to create custom Hotkeys for a custom menu?

I want to create a menu for example in the edit mode:
it should have own shortcuts that don’t interfere with the editmode ones.

a new category like

3D View
----> Edit Mode
----------> Rotate ---------------Shortcut R
----------> Move ----------------Shortcut G
----------> […]
----------> Custom Menu
---------------->Redo ----------------Shortcut: R
---------------->go away ------------Shortcut: G
---------------->spin around --------Shortcut: S
---------------->walk ----------------Shortcut: W


Hotkeys are mode-dependent (see user prefereces > input categories) and don’t respect what UI does currently. If your custom menu is opened however, you should be able to select an entry by typing the first letter of the operator name (not shortcut involved).

Ok, But can I define own hotkeys? for custom menues

you define hotkeys for operators, not menus. Don’t you can influence the automatic shortcuts (like “2” will select the 2nd entry of current menu)