Create Custom keyboard shortcuts

Hey all,

I have a few questions as I am just playing around with the interface of blender.

First is I am trying to figure out how to set up some custom keyboard shortcuts. I watched Jonathan Williamson’s Tutorial How To Create Custom Hot-keys for Mesh Selection Modes a while back and set up the hot keys as shown. I upgraded to the latest build from graphic all today and his method no longer seems to work. for example when I place


in the field as shown and hit enter, nothing happens, I do not get addinal feilds for the context attribute or the feild for the value.

My second question is… does anyone know how to set up a custom hot-key for a toggle situation like the one above, but for the wire check box under the display roll-out in the Object tab?

I tried placeing just


in the idname feild for the custom keyboard short cut but nothing happens so I am quite sure I have no idea what I am doing.


Ok, I found the following in the comments by user “Moolah” at Jonathan’s tutorial

  1. In Input – 3d View – Mesh – “Add”
  2. first line: wm.context_toggle
  3. second (Context Attrib) line: space_data.occlude_geometry
  4. Don’t forget to set a hotkey

I think this would work for the show wire, however once agin, nothing seems to happen when I hit enter after placing anything in the idname field.

Thanks guys