Create Dotted Line from shp line

How to create a 3D dotted line like this picture?
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Belongs how you want to use it, you could use array:
array_line.blend (798.3 KB)

Can it follow along a path? like this video? Array along a path

My dotted line getting wild, something I miss? I tried it, but it getting wild Lol

My Project

The origins need to be at the same place, i guess that is the problem how it looks.
Also you have to use subdiv modivier so the line can be bended on the curve properly. But i am not sure how good it looks if the curve is too jaggy. The orders of the modifiers is important too, curve and subdiv shoud come first.

array_line_with_curve.blend (792.0 KB)

Thanks, it’s really helpful. Can these array lines always face up? Coz you made it looks twist.

And the last one, can I edit these applied array lines?

You can change the tilt of the curve for each point to correct the face align if you move the curve in all 3 axis. For 2 axis, if the curve lies on a plane it is easy, just turn the tilt for all points or rotate the mesh.

In which way editing?

Make it a bigger size (Dotted Kota Bogor) but still follow the curve (Kota Bogor) and add more or reduce array lines. More or less bigger than those blue lines. Here my project

You want to resize the complet curve or a part of it?
Resizeing a part will be diffult, it will distort the line. Size it before apply modifiers.

You cannot change the line pattern after apply modifiers,
if you need a complicated pattern you have to create it before, otherwise it will be very difficult.

Okay, thanks a lot for your help. It all works. Just replace with a new one, and thanks again :+1: