Create driver for hydraulics?

I have a system of hydraulics using dependency cycle IK,

how do I go about replacing this with a driver?

any good tutorials ?

this will be in the game engine*

I just need it so when the joint is fully extended, a hydraulic is fully retracted on one side and fully extended on the other,

so I need the joint angle to drive the in/out of each piece.

Ik will still be needed, but not a ‘loop’ of dependency…

As I said in my previous post, the fix is the same. Add a new target. You cannot have two bones pointing at each other with IK or any other tracking constraints. There needs to be a separate target, with proper parenting, orientation, etc. to break the dependency loop.

Please supply a demo blend with your set up, and I can help further. Right now, it’s all guess work on my end.

Also, I see that you are using an armature, but also have empties in your rig. There is never a good reason to use empties when you are using an armature. Bones can do anything an empty can do and much more. Your rig will likely be harder to trouble shoot because of that.

I think what I need, is a object that rotates half as much as the joint, to place a target that the IK tracks to.

edit: this works quite well