Create/edit mesh while game engine is running?

Is it possible to create/edit a mesh while the game engine is running? I ran a simple test - moving the vertices of a cube while the engine is running, but the cube doesn’t actually move until the engine is stopped. I ultimately want to add vertices, faces, also.
How can I force the game engine to update the mesh during runtime?

If this is completely not possible, I’d also be satisfied being able to change the texture of an object while the game engine is running.

I’ve exactly the same question. I want to make a terrain editor where you can realtime create mountains, hills, caves and also roads in/on it (automatic calculation with python).
Is there anybody who knows more about this important post subject? (I’ve also googled around but there weren’t matching answers/topics.:confused:)

Thanks in advantage.

Look at this documentation page.

There’s an example of iterating over a mesh’s vertices. It says you can’t change topology, only vertex position.

I don’t know if there’s any more recent documentation than 2.34, but this might work.

on frame change is a script link, that can run any python script. python can edit a mesh’s location, or effect a shapekey, so yes, I think its possible with that mechanism.

also with Blender.BGL python module you can use all the nice gl functions like adding raw geometry see SDLgears its a good example of this. oh and eliasVan Use Terragen Man!