Create Enum , Attributes with name

So i have general query about my old question on enum controls. While rigging we do have multiple cloths/Props on single character.

Right now we are handling it with Integer in bones custom property.
By this we get 0,1,2,3 etc. and than attaching it to visibility of different cloths.
So it become like
0 for night suit
1 for coat pant
2 for shirt pant
3 for track suit

But for animator its hard to figure out what is what. And that makes confusion.

For making it easy we need enum controller but that need python knowledge, and that is what i don’t have :smiley:
So it there any easy way to add enum from where we can judge the model with names or you can say drop down menu with names/Alphabet .
Or any other way to handle this kind of requirement.

Looking forward :slight_smile:

For doing this without Python, or maybe just with minimal Python, I would use some bones with custom shapes.

The label bones exist only for display purposes. The custom outfit value can be driven by the position of the indicator bone. The indicator bone can be animated.

We can either cast the transform of our indicator to an integer in our driver, and/or we could add additional constraints that snap it to integer values.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, And you are very right this can be easy alternate to enum for create cloth switch or to solve similar problems.

Its solution for me right now till i learn some python, or get some add for that :stuck_out_tongue: