Create extraordinary sound effects in Blender

At first, the doppler effect in Blender is quite confusing, but actually, it is quite simple to use. In this video, I show you some tips and tricks for working with doppler to create your own sound effects.

A doppler effect can be quite expensive in the audio production world, but here we have it for free. Besides that, Blender is very flexible.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Always update the animation cache after a change in the viewport or settings.
  • See the camera as your ears that listen to the speaker. The distance between the camera and speakers matters if you have the doppler effect and/or attenuation on in Blender.
  • Some camera movements are hard to animate, but if you parent the camera to a mesh, things will get easier.
  • You can create animations in the graph editor and manage offset of the sounds in the NLA editor.
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