Create faces selecting edges

I’m selecting first the edge of the cube, then the other edge,

I press the F key, and I get this result:

I want to get this result, taken from a tutorial. This was made following the same steps mentioned above, but using version 1.79:

I tried removing doubles, Alt F and everything in the menus, google and forum search, I read the Blender Manual, chapter faces as well and couldn’t archive it, any suggestions? I’m using 2.82a

Not sure why it’s not working. You can try going into vertex mode and selecting 2 corner points then press F and that should create only an edge between the 2 points. Then do it again for the other 2 corner points. Then select all 4 edges and press F.

If this doesn’t work, are you sure both polygon shells are a part of the same object?

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Did you joined cube and hexagon before? Art they one object?


Thanks guys. The tutorial didn’t mentioned to join them. Now I can continue.

Helping out starters with simple things like these means faster learning and hours saved not looking into complicated stuff that isn’t fixing it, getting stuck in loops, and similar stuff when in reality the task is simple. Thanks again.