Create footprints in snow

Hi, I am doing an animation where a character walks on a snowy scenary. I wanted to set the terrain as “canvas”(dynamic paint) and the character as brush, and doing this I want to get the character to leave footprints on snow. But the scenary is very big, so I would have to subdivide it a lot, to get a lot of vertex so the footprints look good(without a lot of subdivision, they look very flat.

There are another method to achieve the effect that I want, or get good footprints without subdivide so much? Becouse I was trying with even 1.000.000 faces and more, and the footprints look very flat, and my computer slows a lot when adding more subdivision, or editing the terrain.

Not sure how well it will work but what about creating a bump map image sequence and using it as a bump map through and image sequence node to get the footstep movement?

use bump maps
and find Blenderguru winter scene he shows how to do it

happy bl