Create light emmition?

For some reason, I am not able to create this color in cycles…Can anyone help me? I got frustrated and trashed my file

I can’t create the color, a greenish glow in the dark

Something like this?

That’s easy. Plug some noise into a color ramp and then the color output into an Emission shader…

What else? The blend file, maybe? :wink:

Forum Light Tunnel.blend (122 KB)

Here it is. Enjoy! :smiley:

Thanks! I was actually looking for just node node setup for the color, but this definitely works. thanks a lot :slight_smile:
by “color” I meant the soft glowing green, somewhere between the brightest and darkest colors, but still, I an use this

If you’re still trying to get the exact colour, then change one of the windows to the UV/image editor and load your reference image into it. When you choose the colour in the node, use the colour pick tool (the icon looks like an eye dropper), go over to the UV/image editor, click the colour you want from the image, and there you go. (:
I use this method all the time for texture painting, it is infinitely useful.