"CREATE OBJECT" question

ok so i wanna create a shooter, i have been checking out other people games, so i saw that you can create great particle effects or bullets, using “create object” when you press a key or etc.

Ok , the question is i see that people put the sprite of the object you want to duplicate/create with “CREATE OBJECT” in a different layer then in the visible layer of the game they put an object to work as the emitter, what kind of object would you use, because i see that most people uses an object that has no dimensions, i scale and scale and scale the emitter and still cannot see is its a plane, sphere, etc. ? I GUESS you could use any object but i would like to do it in the way most people do, because the emitter is invisible, then let’s say you press a key “CREATE OBJECT” comes to work and call the sprite in the hidden layer.

Sorry about the english :P, any doubt about the question please just tell me.

Most people use “halos” for particles, as they look the same from all angles, and are much faster than using many polygons in your shape. Here is a little info, copy/pasted from my site on how to use them:

Halos and Bilboards:
Halos and bilboards can be useful when you don’t want to add a lot of polygons to your game and just want to make something that can be flat. Text overlays are usually done this way, as well as bullets, lasers, explosions, and so forth. The difference between a halo and a bilboard is that a halo will always face towards the camera. No matter which angle you view it at, it will always looks the same. This is good for very round objects that really don’t need to be viewed from different angles. A bilboard, will stay vertical, but the front will always face the camera. This is useful for objects where it doesn’t really matter if you view it from the side or the front, but it would look weird if you look down on top of it. Good uses for bilboards are rocks, trees, grass, flags, etc. To make something a halo or a bilboard, select an object(right mouse on object), go into face mode(f), select all faces(a), go to the paint buttons (a paint brush in the lower window), select “halo” or “bilboard”, then click on copy draw mode. And remember, the axis that faces the camera is the NEGATIVE X axis. If your faces are pointing a different direction than towards the negative x axis, it will either turn out looking really weird, or not able to be seen at all.

i wanna use halo for the particles but what would you use for the emitter?

empty’s are good…easy to handle…


i will kick my own a!@# if there is something called empty and i have never seen it.

LOL, Yes there is something called empties. Press Space Instead of adding Mesh, Add empty. I am not an expert, but empties come in very handy in creating games. You can parent them give them directions, add objects etc… If you have never used them, you will be glad you discovered them… Good luck… Oh! bye the way… I was trying to do organic modeling for a month, before I realized that there was a subsurf button, I wanted to strangle myself… Its all part of the learning curve…

The NDN…Will I ever understand Blender Completely?

these guys are like point helpers in max :slight_smile: I KNOW HOW USEFUL THEY CAN BE

i know there is subsurf in blender, where, i dont know yet

Hehe, yeah, lots of things that you just don’t know is in this thingie. You can use subsurfs by selecting the mesh, pressing f9, and clicking on the subsurf button over on the left.