Create objects with python?

I was just wondering, I just came back off a year break from Blender 3D, and was wondering how to create objects via Python.

This would go great with a physics game I’m wanting to make.

just with the edit object actuator

have a look at this link!

Or directly using the current scene.

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Thanks for the links.

And how would I go about to scale them?

Scale objects? You would use the world scale and local scale attributes. (World for reading, local for writing)

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Wow, thank you! I’ll try to create some tests with creating objects via python with a mouse click and drag. Then you can rotate the camera with arrow keys and all.

Hopefully it would turn out to be a 3D version of Incredibots ( )

Kool Game. PM me if you need help. I would love to get involved with something like that.